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Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects both men and women. Long gone are the days where the man was assumed to always be the antagonist. The attorneys at Holstrom, Block & Parke, A Professional Law Corporation, in Temecula have taken part in many domestic violence cases, and we know that people of any gender, age, or role can be victims of this crime.

Have You Been a Victim of Domestic Violence?

If you are a domestic violence victim, we urge you to contact the police right away. While we are here to help you, you should have the added protection of law enforcement on your side. Our group of attorneys will fight the legal battles that can keep you safe—while helping the authorities by providing lawful backup to your claims.

One of the first things a victim of domestic violence should do, after alerting the police, is file for an immediate temporary restraining order. This will help ensure your safety while we work on a longer term solution. Once this injunction is filed with the court, our Temecula family law attorneys can get started on a police protective order.

We know you are dealing with an emotionally, physically, and mentally dangerous situation. Your continued health and safety are our primary concern. We will go above and beyond for you, keeping you safe by any legal means possible.

Our Domestic Violence Attorneys Can Help

Please do not let the stigma of this horrendous crime keep you from regaining your life. If there are children involved in your situation, seeking help is even more important. Domestic violence victims often feel isolated, which is a tool used by their victimizer to maintain control. Contact us immediately at to get the legal support you need.

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