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Domestic violence and spousal abuse offenses are taken extremely seriously, both in the state of California and at Holstrom, Block & Parke, A Professional Law Corporation. At our family law firm, we understand the urgency of your situation and are ready to do everything in our power to help. Our Certified Family Law Specialists are uniquely qualified to provide the immediate, aggressive, and effective legal counsel needed to protect you and your children.


Protection Against Domestic Violence

In cases of domestic violence, our team of legal advocates can help you navigate the necessary legal processes to protect yourself and your children. Domestic violence can be both a cause and an effect of divorce; in fact, if your spouse has a history of abuse, you may be at the most risk when you decide to leave. Fortunately, we have the knowledge, the compassion, and the efficiency necessary to help you safely get out of an abusive relationship. From restraining orders to emergency custody orders, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you and your children are protected.

If you or your children have been victimized by an abusive spouse, call 911 immediately. 
Then call (855) 939-9111 to find a dedicated legal advocate.

Southern CA Domestic Violence lawyers

Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take a number of forms and applies to relationships between you and a spouse, roommate, family member, or parent of your child. It is important to define domestic abuse so you can get the help you need.

Acts that are considered domestic violence include:

  • Causing physical harm, or attempting it
  • Committing sexual assault
  • Threatening, harassing, or stalking
  • Destroying personal property

Emergency Protective Orders

The first step to take when you fear for the safety of you or your children is to seek an emergency protective order. This can be obtained by calling your local law enforcement office. Emergency protective orders place a temporary restraining order upon your abuser, legally requiring him or her to stay away. These orders are temporary, only lasting long enough to allow you to file a domestic violence restraining order, which will offer permanent legal protection.

Domestic Violence & Custody

If you feel that the well-being of your children are at stake, your first instinct is to remove them. However, it is critical that you also take the proper legal steps to request an emergency protective order to avoid any potential ramifications. This order will grant you temporary custody, pending a court-ordered custody arrangement. While it may seem strange, it is not uncommon for a violent parent to be granted visitation rights. If you are concerned about the safety of you or your children during visitation, you can request that these hours be supervised, either by you or a court-appointed supervisor. Additionally, it is recommended that they take place in an extremely public place!

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Our experience with these matters allows us to provide knowledgeable and effective counsel to our clients. We understand that the safety of you and your children are at stake and can provide the immediate legal counsel you need. Our compassionate and dedicated team of Southern California family law attorneys is ready to help you!

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