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A juggernaut in my corner!

5 Star Review!

I hired Mr. Garland to help with my custody battle. I went into this court case not knowing much about the court process but Mr. Garland helped me full understand everything from the beginning. He always made himself available for my calls and questions. Mr. Garland was aggressive and worked extremely hard for my rights as if he was fighting for his own family. I felt like I had a juggernaut in my corner. Thank you Mr. Garland for what you accomplished for me and my family!


I am extremely happy!

5 Star Review!

I found Holstrom Block & Parke on AVVO and scheduled a consultation with Sam McBride. She is extremely informative, knowledgeable, and honest. Both Sam and Margo Emil responded to my emails promptly and drafted multiple correspondence to opposing counsel for urgent matters, immediately. Court and custody battles can be extremely stressful and draining but Sam constantly reassured me that everything would be okay and advocated for me and my son. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and the services provided. Thank you to the entire firm for being kind and responsive during this process.

Doreen C.

I was so impressed by his kindness and efficiency to very detail

5 Star Review!

A friend recommended Dennis Sandoval to do my trust. So grateful to her. I was so impressed by his kindness and efficiency to very detail. He had many suggestions based on his experience with many trust and possible complications to avoid. It is definitely a “5” star law firm. I feel very confident about each decision I made.

Thank you so much Mr. Sandoval.

Dorothy L. Nelson

Experience and Patience - A Great Combination

5 Star Review!

Dennis Sandoval is experienced, offers helpful advice, and has the patience of a saint. He always took the time to answer our questions and gave real-life examples to clarify confusing concepts. We are confident that our new Trust will simplify the final distribution of our estate to beneficiaries, as well as the management of our assets during times of incapacity.


Not Only Super Responsive... He "Gets It"

5 Star Review!

I am currently working with Mathew Bogosian and not only is he super responsive, he “gets it” and understands what it takes to obtain a successful outcome. I really can’t say enough good things about working with Matthew. I HIGHLY recommend this firm and Matthew for any of your family law needs!

Kimberly M.

I cannot say enough how grateful we are.

5 Star Review!

I realize that you are doing your job. But. I cannot say enough how grateful we are to you for your understanding, your on-the-ball-ness, your knowledge, and your support. This is an extremely tough time for us, and being able to depend on your excellence is invaluable. THANK YOU, Lennea-we heart you!

Donna S.

Her knowledge helped me to get the result that I wanted.

5 Star Review!

I would recommend the Holstrom, Block & Parke team to anybody. My attorney Kristen Holstrom did give a lot of information and her knowledge helped me to get the result that I wanted. Everything was good with their services but the court system is the only thing I had to have patience for. Thank you Kristen!

Jesus V.

I have been with Dayn on and off for over 20 years.

5 Star Review!

I have been with Dayn on and off for over 20 years. He has helped me on many occasions for a variety of reasons. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I will continue to use his expertise in law whenever the need arises and would highly recommend him to friends.


Successful Engagement

5 Star Review!

I engaged David’s services to help me to terminate an irrevocable trust. He provided me with the information and support services I needed to successfully terminate the trust in a minimum amount of time. His work was spot on and was completed quickly and professionally. Communications with David were excellent.

Bob R.

Satisfied Client

5 Star Review!

I was fortunate to be recommended to Dennis thru the firm which I have previously used, I consulted with Dennis and hired him to assist me with my Trust, everything from start to finish was first class, will definitely recommend and use again.


My case was handled in a very timely manner.

5 Star Review!

I used Dayn Holstrom as both my Divorce Attorney and didn’t have a second thought as who to use for my Child Support Modification hearing. Dayn and his team are very aggressive, informative, and knowledgeable. I was very confident in Dayn and his entire team. Thank you to the very knowledgeable Mariana Hevia-Cockrell and the amazing Christie Kaiser. My case was handled in a very timely manner, considering we didn’t have a lot of time. All of the information that I provided allowed the team to put together an amazing case. Dayn came into court and proved to me that I had once again made the best decision I could have, by choosing this office. I was more than satisfied with the turnout of my cases. Thank you to the entire team for all of your efforts, timely responses to phone calls and emails and keeping me informed of all that was going on with my case. I would absolutely recommend Dayn and his team to anyone. If you are looking for someone strong, aggressive and responsive, Dayn and his entire team are the ones for you.

N.R. A Family Law Client

I had chosen the right law firm

5 Star Review!

I unfortunately was actually abandoned from the attorney I originally hired to handle my painful Divorce and child custody issues, because “she was too busy”. So I immediately started researching attorneys in my area, and found out about Dayn Holstrom’s impressive background… GET THIS, from another attorney in the Corona area. This attorney told me if you really want someone that will not only have my best interest at hand, but an aggressive attorney with a proven record of success, “you need to hire Dayn Holstrom”. So I did just that… From the moment I sat down with Dayn and his assistant Christie, I felt I had chosen the right law firm. I found Dayn to be very informative and confident. That was very re-assuring to me and something I needed in an attorney to represent me. I also found the staff to be very friendly, from the person that answers the phone, to the follow through with returning my calls or emails. I would certainly recommend Dayn Holstrom because he has a proven track record that anyone can see!

D. Nunn

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

5 Star Review!

I was referred to Mr. Holstrom’s office by a Therapist I was seeing over the verbal/emotional abuse I was receiving from my then husband. She said I needed to hire THE BEST! I was distraught and scared to move forward with a Divorce proceeding, and yet, after meeting with Mr.. Holstrom & his paralegal Leigh, I felt confident that I could get my life back on track. All along the way, I was impressed with the professional quality of work coming out of everyone in the office. The documents & judgments that were written up were amazing & the attention to detail was outstanding. My case took some twists & turns and in the end, I am happy with the results. I was very impressed with attorney Mariana Hevia-Cockrell, she took care of some details in my case that needed swift, assertive action, and made things happen! I was treated with respect and care at all times by EVERYONE in that office, and I will be forever grateful to the firm of Holstrom, Block & Parke for ridding me of that mean/lying/asset hiding/abusive/cheater of a husband & securing for me my rights to live my life in my own home with my children in Peace and with Hope for a brighter future! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


A wealth of knowledge, super personable, very clear and precise

5 Star Review!
David is awesome! He helped us set up all of our documents in regard to an Estate Plan (Trust, Wills, Power of Attorney, etc.). He is a wealth of knowledge, super personable, very clear and precise in his communications and does an excellent job breaking down the “legal stuff” in an understandable manner. We’ve already referred a few colleagues to him. He’s an outstanding professional that knows this stuff inside and out. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong in trusting him to help you get your docs in order!!! Thanks so much!!!!


Way to go Bryanna!

5 Star Review!
Bryanna Sandoval has created a unique system to speed up the process of signing and notarizing your trust documents. She knows exactly how many signatures are required and which person signs each page. So, just prior to our appointment, she pre-filled out her notary journal and notarized all the necessary pages in our documents. After verifying our identity, we simply signed where she indicated. Bryanna scanned all our signed documents while we added our fingerprints to her journal. The digital files were in our email by the time we arrived home.


I don't believe anyone other than Dayn could have protected my interests as well as he did

5 Star Review!

I don’t believe anyone other than Dayn could have protected my interests as well as he did in my acrimonious divorce situation with his knowledge and a very strong presence in the court. I met Dayn at the time that my first attorney had failed at protecting my interests and the second one was just not capable enough of handling aggressive litigation style my Ex’s attorney had. When I met Dayn for the first time I could sense that he is someone who has in-depth knowledge of his field and had years of experience successfully implementing it in different situations. I could also sense that here was someone who possessed integrity of character as an individual and will do his best to defend my interest in his very confident and firm interaction style. You actually do not want an attorney with overly aggressive communication style because the judges may react negatively to that. My Ex – was asking for a very large time share with children (80%) and significant money in child and spousal support. As a father it was painful enough that I will not be able to see my kids all the time as I would have if there was no divorce, and dealing with my ex’s false claims of abuse. Dayn succeeded in getting the custody share to half time with each parent which is what I always wanted. Although Dayn and his firm are not cheap at the surface, according to my calculation, I ended up saving a lot of money (~1 million) by hiring him, had my ex- been able to succeed in getting what she wanted as child and spousal support over next so many years. In fact Dayn succeeded in having my ex- pay me a large sum of money. In retrospect I should never have hired my first two attorneys who I hired to save money, but it lead to losing money. What happened before I hired Dayn was that at a preliminary hearing my Ex asked for child and spousal support and this was granted to her without my first attorney raising any objection to my Ex’s demands!!! I had to continue paying a large amount of support money for months while Dayn was working at undoing the damage by his vigorous representation. He succeeded! When I went to court with Dayn, I went in comfort knowing that he will do his best and I could relax. I knew that he would give me the right advice and not bend down to unreasonableness from other party. I knew he would follow reason and present it with utmost clarity and firmness. He is ultimately a man who one could trust at all levels. Another great thing about him is that he will never show you unrealistic possibilities. This is very helpful in acceptance of what ultimately worked out. This is very important trait in an attorney to have because if you meet someone who wants your money they can show you dreams of what they can get for you etc. and when the emotions are heated it sounds good, ultimately it is unhelpful. This was the case with my Ex’s attorney I believe. I wholeheartedly recommend Dayn and thank him for his help. BTW everyone at this firm is a thorough professional which is a great plus and this is what someone stuck in a difficult divorce situation needs.


Everyone is so helpful and compassionate.

5 Star Review!

I have worked with Holstrom, Block and Park for a few years now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Kristen Holstrom, and Corina Fuller as well as the rest of the staff make you feel like family. Everyone is so helpful and compassionate. They want what is best for their clients and will fight for you 100%. I would highly recommend them.

Leticia D.

Attorney Dayn Holstrom is just a shark; in and out of the courtroom.

5 Star Review!

Attorney Dayn Holstrom is just a shark; in and out of the courtroom. He was exactly what I needed. He was focused and clear about what information he needed from me. He will not waste your time on things insignificant to your case. I have had other attorneys who did not fight for me as he did. He knew my case, the law, and my rights. He did not back down to the opposing party or to the Judge. He fought for me and my children with all the passion that I would have, if I had to represent myself.

C. Boswell

I appreciate you making yourself available when needed most.

5 Star Review!

…Thank you so much for helping me through this process! You not only provided sound legal advice, but great emotional support! I appreciate you making yourself available when needed most and for being so patient with me. Thank you! Thank you!


I am forever (and continually) appreciative of her guidance.

5 Star Review!

I am so grateful and appreciative to Dayn Holstrom and Leigh Collins for their assistance with my child custody dispute.Leigh has been absolutely phenomenal during this process, dealing with my frantic calls and emails every time my ex-husband pulls one of his many (and on-going) stunts. Leigh is a true professional and a valuable asset to your firm, I am forever (and continually) appreciative of her guidance and support through this very difficult and trying time. I can only imagine that she is as caring and diligent with all of your clients as she has been with me. Thank you for assigning Leigh to my case, she has made this process as easy and pleasant as possible for me.

N. Newman

Honest, aggressive and amazing!

5 Star Review!

Honest, aggressive and amazing! I had a bad divorce agreement with my ex-spouse that she was not living up to but was actually trying to make worse for me in terms of time with my kids and finances. I hired Dayn due to overwhelmingly positive reviews of his knowledge of the law and past successes. Dayn gave me a frank assessment of my situation, which was very difficult due to my bad decision to sign the earlier agreement. He and his team laid out a plan and tried to negotiate a fair settlement with the opposing side. They would not agree to a fair agreement and we had to go to court. Prior to court, Dayn explained the tricks the other side would try to pull and prepared me for what we could likely expect from the ruling. And then he won… on EVERYTHING. I can’t promise you that Dayn will win every case. I can promise you that there is no one better to have on your side than Dayn and his team.


You'll never understand the gratitude I have for you

5 Star Review!

There are not enough words to demonstrate how much HBP and my attorney Kristen Holstrom mean to me. They have fought hard to get me to where I am in my case and have been open and honest from the beginning. I have never met a team that was more helpful in every aspect of my case. I considered going elsewhere, but chose to do research and find my own attorney and could not be more thankful that I did. Every request for an attorney from friends goes directly to this firm. I also want to send a thank you to attorney Ron Funk as well. He had a meaningful part in my case and deserves credit too!! Thank you HBP, you’ll never understand the gratitude I have for you, my attorney and your entire team.

Melissa Siegl
Corona, CA

He was at the top of his game when we had to go to court and fight for my rights.

5 Star Review!

I want to write this testimonial about the law offices of Dayn Holstrom in Corona. Dayn has been my divorce lawyer through this process. He was at the top of his game when we had to go to court and fight for my rights as a father to have 50-50 custody. He was huge in helping to set the record right with regards to understanding the law and getting an agreement with my ex-spouse. Dayn understood the law and administered it at the courthouse sessions. Dayn was a rare find and I would recommend him and his law firm to anyone who is going through this tough time of divorce in their life. Dayn will represent and stand up for your rights as a Father or mother to the extent of the law. I found Dayn to be knowledgeable and very firm and assertive when it was needed with the judge and the ex-spouse and her lawyer. he did everything according to the law. If you are going through a tough time with divorce and you are not expected to handle the load of divorce Dayn is your man he is very respected and well known by the local judges in the Riverside County area.

D. Waltemeyer

Divorce is a difficult decision.

5 Star Review!

Divorce is a difficult decision, but when looking for a divorce attorney I came across Holstrom, Block & Parke. Before making any decisions I decided to go to the court house and sit in on a divorce case. It just so happened, the attorney I was watching was Mr. Holstrom. I was able to see him first hand in the court room and was very impressed. On the court’s break I talked to the woman he was representing and she said Dayn was a great attorney and she highly recommended him. If you are looking for an attorney and law office that is understanding, knowledgeable, sharp, and professional and knows how to get the job done then Holstrom, Block & Parke is the place. My Thanks go out to Mr. Holstrom and his awesome staff for helping through a difficult time in my life and with the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.


Oh my goodness!

5 Star Review!

Oh my goodness! Holstrom, Block & Parke exceeded my expectations of a law firm. I am a single mom who was very overwhelmed with the process of child custody and child support. I was operating without legal representation and as a result, I was constantly being taken advantage of. From the moment I hired Holstrom, Block & Parke my mind was put at ease and I was able to exhale for the first time in years. Upon my first call, Attorney Dayn Holstrom, spoke with me and laid everything out in a very practical and no nonsense way. Dayn Holstrom is extremely knowledgeable and sees beyond the emotions to get down to the real issues on the table. His paralegal, Leigh, is top notch and has a way of calming any nerves by having genuine conversations with me. This is the peace of mind that I needed. This office is fair, assertive, organized, passionate, aggressive, timely and takes excellent care of their clients. I highly recommend this firm.

B. Buck

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